Pro-Government Trade Unions and Writers to Support Lukashenko at Elections

26.11.2010 14:38

At an expanded meeting on November 25 the presidium of the Belarusian Council of Federation of Trade Unions (FTUB) unanimously decided to support the incumbent president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the forthcoming presidential election on December 19. "Our choice is clear, which is the current President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko," the chairman of Federation of Trade Unions Leonid Kozik said at a meeting. 

«Members of the FTUB will vote in the elections. It’s more than 4 million people, 95% of the economically active population. Federation of Trade Unions represents those who work, who builds the future of Belarus with their own hands. Labor groups are behind our backs and we have a responsibility for their welfare, stability and confidence in the future,» he said.

A similar statement was adopted by the Belarusian Union of Writers (UWB), headed by Nikolai Cherginets.

«Having read the biographies of the contenders for the presidency, as well as their programs, the presidium of the Union of Writers, on behalf of more than 500 people, addresses to all the creative and scientific intelligentsia, teachers, the youth, to all our readers: let’s support Alexander Lukashenko at the presidential election of December 19, 2010, as he’s a man who proved high organizational, civic and patriotic qualities in actions,» the statement says, «Nasha Niva