Belarus Needs No Experiments, Lukashenko

29.11.2010 10:14

Acting head of state Alexander Lukashenko, running again for the presidency, promised in his election program to strengthen the Belarusian nation and make it richer. Alexander Lukashenko is convinced that the Belarusians have enough experience to "finish the job." "The country needs no experiments. We can not stop without having finished the job. We must go further," the president said.

«I’m participating in this election with a firm belief in the successful future of our Motherland. We’ve managed to create much in recent years. We have overcome many problems and have gained invaluable experience. The time has come for us to rapidly move forward and achieve more. I am certain we’re in power to do this,» Alexander Lukashenko said in his election program, published in the newspaper «Respublika» on November 26.

The head of state noted a number of achievements of the country since its independence. Among other things, Alexander Lukashenko stresses that the current government have managed to protect the country from being plundered, to successfully overcome the impact of the global economic crisis, to loosen up a business initiative, to ensure full employment, as well as the country’s food stock security.

In addition, Alexander Lukashenko notes that Belarus has intensified construction of housing, improved level of health care and education over the past five years. The President believes that the Belarusians have «begun to live better» in general.

Belarusian Began to Live Better, Lukashenko

«The share of poor people decreased by seven times compared with 1995. Anyone, who wants to work, has a job. A state helps those in need. Social justice exists not only in words but in deeds. There are neither beggars, nor the oligarchs in Belarus. In short, we’ve not only saved the land of the ancestors, but created a powerful start for a qualitatively new stage of development» Alexander Lukashenko said.

«We were realistic on the chosen path: we haven’t been building the «castles in the air», haven’t retreated from our principles! We’ve been doing the hard but necessary for the state work together!», the Belarusian leader stressed.

As for the future plans, Alexander Lukashenko states that if the people elect him for another term, he will continue to «build an independent, distinctive Belarus, bringing it closer to the European standards of living. «We neither choose between the East and the West, nor intend to be anybody’s appendage. Belarus has its rightful place both in Europe and in the world,» the incumbent president said.

A Person is the Core of my Policy, Lukashenko

Alexander Lukashenko stresses that «a man has always been» the main value of his policy.  «The government is for the people» is not a coined slogan but a fundamental principle we will never retreat from,» the Belarusian leader said.

Alexander Lukashenko has identified the strengthening of the nation, including the provision of free housing for large families, strengthening social protection, strengthening the role of youth in the country, providing world-class medical care, as well as increases in housing construction as the main objectives of his policy as a president.

Alexander Lukashenko has also promised to make Belarusians richer. «The richer people — the richer the country. Permanent increase in wages, pensions, scholarships, as well as their full and prompt payment, will be provided at the expense of economic growth. Private property will also be developed. The welfare of  each person we’ll bring us to the well-being of all,» the president said.

Lukashenko Promises to Create a New Image of the Belarusian Economy

As far as economy is concerned, head of state pledged to strengthen the national currency, to make a information breakthrough in all spheres of activity, to give full freedom of motion, reduce the tax burden on businesses and in general to create a new look of the Belarusian economy.

«Over the next five years, the country will implement above 100 powerful investment projects. There will be new industries: space, nano-and biotechnology, alternative energy and others. This new production, new technologies, new jobs are in demand on the labor m