Tereshchenko Intends to Place his Portrait on New Belarusian Currency

29.11.2010 15:23

Speaking on the Belarusian radio on November 29, the presidential candidate Viktor Tereshchenko said that if he's elected president, he intended to conduct monetary reform and place his portrait on one-ruble banknote. According to the candidate, it will be done to make the people believe in the opportunities of Belarus and the national ruble. 

Viktor Tereshchenko has said that he intends to do so «not to flaunt, but to look in the eyes of each of you, citizens of the sovereign Belarus, stating that «Belarussian ruble is the most reliable currency.»

«Not everything has been sold in our country to foreigners. We will ensure our money by a national treasure, namely, by the shares of those companies that have already been outlined in the government for selling for dollars. That is, we’ll introduce our new ruble being 100% secured and freely convertible with an initial rate three rubles to one dollar. I ask the government and National Bank to start already preparing for this,» the candidate said.

The second radio speech of Viktor Tereshchenko repeated most of  previous one, including the threat of a new devaluation of the ruble, the growth of external debt and rampant price.

President Not to Run Businesses, Tereshchenko

Presidential candidate promised not to manage companies in future, if elected, but to let competent professionals — directors of enterprises, controlled by their government, their employees and the law, implement this.

Viktor Tereshchenko also said that he plans to actively use the National Platform of business and the concept of a comprehensive modernization of the country, developed by the Republican Confederation of entrepreneurship, in his work.
In addition the candidate has promised to compensate money, lost due to «Gorbachev’s savings deposits and bonds of the public interest free loan in 1990» in two years.