52 Thousand People Put Their Names to Vasil Bykau Street Appearance in Minsk

15.06.2010 14:52

Active workers of the campaign "Tell the truth!" started signature-gathering campaign for renaming Uljanauskaja street which is located in the centre of Minsk, after Vasil Bykau. At the moment more than 50 thousand persons has supported this initiative.

«I think these signatures are enough», Narodnaya Volya quotes the words of Aleksandr Feduta, the expert of the campaign.

«We don’t know the exact number of the veterans who asked president Lukashenko to rename the Skaryna and Maserau avenues. I think, it wasn’t bigger», the representative «Tell the truth!» said.

Also Alexander Feduta said signature-gathering campaign was only the beginning. Also the active workers of the campaign are striving for creating a monument to the national writer. However they need money on it.

Signature-gathering campaign continues working now. After its end all necessary documents will be transmited to Minsk City Executive Committee.