61% of Belarusians Dissatisfied with Local Authorities' Work, Poll

08.11.2010 14:10

61% of Belarusians is not satisfied with the results of their issues review in local organizations. These are the results of the poll, conducted by the information-analytical center of the presidential administration of Belarus (IAC) in August 2010 in the third phase of monitoring on the public bodies' state.

Most of the negative ratings was given to the work of the Housing Services — 58%. Almost every second is not satisfied with the solution of his problems in architectural and construction companies, social security agencies and health care, BelTA informs.

The citizens pointed to the following circumstances as the reasons for their appeal: «this is their last hope» — 26.5%, failure of previous appeals — 21%, «the problem is impossible to solve locally»- 15.5%, lack of trust to the local authorities — 10%. 24.5% of respondents decided to apply, having learned about the ongoing monitoring from the media.

IAC points out, that the most important indicator, according to which people appreciate the work with citizens, is a swift action. It was noted by 44%. 32% of survey participants indicated the need for the officials to obtain such qualities as courtesy, attentiveness, responsibility and a high skill level. In this case, 50% of them are satisfied with jurisdiction of experts, as well as their kindness and tact. 46% of citizens emphasized the decency and responsibility of local officials.

In general, according to IAC, the analysis of the population estimates allows us to conclude that the majority of respondents (the sum of positive characteristics made 64%) composed mainly a positive image of public servant. At the same time among the major deficiencies of certain officials in dealing with citizens, 15% of respondents indicated that they were «concerned only with their own privileges and income, 11.5% -» working out of inertia, 10% — «protect the old bureaucratic orders.»

69.1% of Belarusians Consider Electoral Situation in the Country Calm, Poll

The majority of Belarusian citizens (69.1%) considers a socio-political situation in the country ahead of presidential elections as peaceful. This is illustrated by the Republican poll, conducted by the analytical center EcooM in October 2010. The study surveyed 1.4 thousand people, aged above 18 years.

According to 10.6% of the respondents, «the situation is tense, but controlled», 7.2% believes the situation in Belarus is tense and unstable. 11.5% of citizens didn’t think about the way they assess the socio-political situation before the presidential election. The remaining respondents (1.6%) were indecisive to answer the questions of sociologists.