A Bus Burned in Hrodna Voblast Accident

03.11.2010 15:37

A bus collided with a tractor, towing a faulty lorry-trailer, on the road Minsk - Hrodna 5 kilometers from the town Skidzel. Wiring was damaged in the result of the bus strike, and it caught fire. All passengers (40 people) had to leave the salon, however, 18 people suffered in the accident, 15 of which were sent home after medical treatment.

Three victims were taken to hospital. Also, many passengers’ belongings and documents were burnt. At this time the driver is considered to be guilty of the accident, «Capital TV» said.

«He could not assume that the lorry-trailer was moving with a fairly low speed. That’s, in principle, what made him confused as a result. Consequently, he had little time to safely overtake it,» state inspector of the police department of Hrodna Voblast Executive Committee Tatiana Eskevich.