About 100 Journalists Invited to Lukashenko's Inauguration

21.01.2011 12:00
Архив Редакция

About 100 Belarusian and foreign journalists were invited to the inauguration ceremony of President of Belarus to be held in Minsk on January 21. According to the press service of the State, about 80 TV stations in some 60 countries around the world have the opportunity to broadcast live from the official inauguration of Alexander Lukashenko as president.

According to the presidential press service, more than 2.5 thousand people were invited to a ceremony in the Palace of the Republic. The top leaders of all the three power branches of Belarus, the Belarusian president’s representatives in the recent elections, members of the National Assembly, leaders of the political parties and public associations of the republic, religious organizations, as well as the foreign ambassadors and representatives of international organizations, accredited in Belarus, are among them, BelTA informs.

The inauguration is planned to be attended by the heads of integration associations with Belarus’ membership, such as the CSTO, CIS and the Union State of Belarus and Russia, the Eurasian Economic Community.

However, as Telegraf previously reported, the inauguration ceremony won’t be attended by the ambassadors of the EU countries in Belarus. This was stated by Maia Kosianchich, spokeswoman of the EU diplomacy head Catherine Ashton, on January 20. According to her, thus diplomats will show their protest against the rigged presidential election, disperse of mass demonstrations after the elections and the arrest of the opposition.

Alexander Lukashenko was elected president for the fourth term at elections on December 19, 2010. According to the CEC official sources, 79.65% of people voted for the current head of state.