Access to Belarusian Archives Blocked for Poles

04.04.2011 11:12

Belarusians with Polish roots may encounter difficulties in obtaining certificates in their immediate family due to the fact that members of the State Archives have received a secret order to stop the issuance of such certificates. Some experts attribute this to the situation around the so-called "Polish Card."

«Polish Card» is a document which allows the Belarusians with Polish roots to travel to Poland without a visa and get a job there, as well as some benefits.

In order to obtain «Polish Card,» Belarusian citizens must prove that their parents or grandparents were Polish. People need to contact the churches and the state archives for the related documents. Now it’s almost impossible to get the necessary information from the archives, «Belarusian partisans.»

The law on «Polish Card» has caused much controversy in Belarus. Thus, member of advisory council on security of the Russian State Duma Alexey Plotnikov stated during the scientific conference in Minsk «Modern geopolitics in the context of the Riga Peace Treaty of 1921» that the law was a frank expression of an unfriendly attitude of Poland to the neighboring countries, BelTA.

«Today Poland is such an «outpost of antislavonic forces, that very Western world that we’ve perceived rather negatively until recently and that are now trying to make friends with,» said Alexey Plotnikov.

«Poland is trying to be holier than the Pope, and having become a member of the European Union, having joined NATO, it wants to justify the high trust and therefore openly conducts a self-serving anti-Russian and anti-Belarus policy,» he said. The desire to be an empire at the others’ expense results in inadequate actions. Poland is behaving provocatively, but it’s trying to correspond to the role, given to her by the «big brothers from the West,» said the expert of the Russian Duma.

As Telegraf previously reported, members of the Standing Committee of the House of Representatives for international affairs and CIS relations believe that the Polish law on the «Polish Card» is contrary to «principles of good neighborliness and mutual respect among nations.» They initiated a petition to the Constitutional Court of Belarus in order to determine whether this law complies with the principles and norms of international law. The Constitutional Court is planning to make its decision in the first half of April.