Action of Silent Solidarity Considered as Pampering and Provocation by Police

22.06.2011 15:15

Minsk police appealed to the citizens, urging not to give in to provocations and not to take part in an unsanctioned event known as "silent solidarity" initiated by the Belarusian users of popular social networks. "This pampering begins to outgrow from the category of innocent children frolicking into violation of Belarusian legislation at the point when it was moved from the virtual world into the real one," said the police department.

«The Belarusian legislation is focused on protecting the legitimate rights and interests of every citizen. And so if there is a conflict between people, the law stands up for the rights being violated. The same can be said about public relations: if they are somehow hurt, the law simply MUST stand up to protect them,» Minsk city executive committee.
These are the principle the internal affairs staff are guided by when ensuring law and order.

«From a legal point of view, the results of «social revolution» organizers’ virtual calls are quite real, which is a direct violation of Belarusian legislation. Organizers urge to remain silent or mumble, stomp or clap — the legislation is mainly interested in the fact of such events,» the police department.

Trick with Revolution in Social Networking won’t Work, Internal Affairs

Organizers of similar events are viewed as provocateurs in law enforcement agencies. «At first, they carefully hid their criminal intentions behind innocent wording, but their veiled goal were getting clearer with each passing day. In the end, the provocateurs are already open in voicing their main goal — to organize a revolution in Belarus through social networks. You’re trying in vain — that trick won’t work,» said the police department.

The police paid special attention to the fact that such unauthorized actions could lead to dire consequences, entailing not only administrative but criminal liability as well.

Police Not Intimidating, but Warning Fatherly

«Each of you is quite capable to make your own choice — to break the law or not, to be led by instigators or not. The police are not intimidating, but warning fatherlike …,» the statement of the police department says.

In turn, Minsk Traffic Police warned motorists on the eve of the action, initiated by the users of social networks, about the inadmissibility of the sound signals use in settlements. Under current rules of the road, their use is only permissible to prevent the accident and to warn other drivers of the intention to overtake. In all other cases, drivers can be brought to administrative responsibility and must pay a fine of up to three base units (Br105 thousand).

As Telegraf previously reported, the last action of silent solidarity on June 15, was held not only by residents of Minsk, but in all regional centers and other Belarusian cities. According to preliminary data, more than 240 participants have been detained in different cities of Belarus.