Acts of Terror were Planned on Election Day in Minsk, State Border Committee

11.01.2011 12:59
Архив Редакция

Press Secretary of the State Border Committee of Belarus Alexander Tishchenko said in the film "The Square. Iron on the glass," shown by the First Channel of the Belarusian TV, that terrorist attacks had been  planned in Minsk on December 19. A series of such acts, he said, had been intended by demolition specialists.

«Operational officers of the Border Service received information from agents’ sources that a group of demolition specialists had been planning and preparing of a series of attacks on Election Day,» Alexander Tishchenko says.

However, a spokesman did not specify these sources. «State Border Committee received an alarming message on November 26 — terrorist attacks are possible in Minsk on Election Day. Information was immediately reported to the leadership of the country,» the film’s voice-over says.

«The influx of tourists was fixed at the Belarusian border at the end of November. Dozens of groups were trying to enter Belarus from Poland, Ukraine and Russia. Tourists were carrying a strange set — stun, smoke grenades, batons, brass knuckles, knives and ammunition,» the film said.

Also the movie shows entrepreneur from Homel Yuri Panchuk, who says he received «an order for production of metal pins» from ex-presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich, since such pins were «impossible to buy in construction stores.» Director of Zhlobin repair and technical plant, Igor Nikitin, in turn, claims of the «order on sharpening fixture.»

The film speaks of the candidates’ telephone conversations. However, the demonstrated records are vague and provide no new information.

As one of these conversations, there is an audio of «telephone call of a teen’s mother to the police.» «My 16-year-old son has tied himself with explosive packages and is going to the Square … Help me to stop him!» an unknown woman said.

Other candidates — Andrei Sannikov, Nikolai Statkevich and Vital Rymasheuski — are accused of the beating of one of the candidates for the presidency Vladimir Niakliaeu. According to the authors of the film, they opposed the leader of the campaign «Tell the truth!»

According to the First Channel, Andrei Sannikov «has been allocated half a million dollars» for the campaign. Almost the same sum of money was brought to Belarus by Vladimir Niakliaeu, although «had made a request for $16 million,» as said in the film. The politician’s sponsors were called the American National Endowment for Democracy, as well as a European fund SIMPFA.

The film presented the testimony of young people — participants of demonstrations, who then served their sentences in pretrial detention. Anton Davidenko, Vassili Porfenkov, Igor Myslivets, Nikita Shapur, citizens of Russia Alexei Breus and Artem Evdokimov are among them.

Alexander Atroshchenkov, press secretary of Andrei Sannikov, was accused of having «attacked» the doors of Government House.

In conclusion, it was said that «more than 100 rioters» had been identified and 40 of them had already been arrested.