All Tools Suitable for Anti-Regime Fight, Pozniak

24.06.2011 12:16

Leader of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Zenon Pozniak denied a statement in which, according to the Belarusian television, he allegedly called "to refrain from participating in the protest, advertised through social networks." "Right now, all means are suitable, if they lead to the Belarusians' consolidation against the mad anti-Belarusian regime," he said.

«Initiative «revolution through social networks» is a good thing and it needs developing. Nothing (literally nothing!) will be changed and positively solved until the country is ruled by darkness, with power mad on top. It shouldn’t be. The task of overthrowing the mad is now the task of saving the nation,» said the politician, called by state-run media the unofficial leader of the Conservative Christian Party — Belarusian Popular Front, for some reason.

According to him, a statement that appeared on the Belarusian television, is «fiction, meanness, which can only be made by Lukashenko accomplices,» reports «Belarusian Salіdarnasts

However, Zenon Pozniak urged to abandon «opportunistic cries» like «police with the people.» «Lukashenko’s police are not with the people, but with the regime. They are consciously implementing illegal orders. And the price is to be paid for this (bad guys should be watched),» he said.

In addition, he advised to stay away from other opposition movements, which he called «Brussels-Moscow clowns.» In his view, they are «politically responsibale, together with Lukashenko, for what happened in Belarus after December 19, 2010.»
Zenon Pozniak also called for respect and appreciation of the Belarusian language, white-red-white flag and coat of arms «Pahonia.» «If hundreds of thousands of people come out onto the streets (which is very likely now) — let our symbols be on our way to the longing freedom,» he said.