Ammunition Found in a Car Brought from U.S. for a Belarusian Woman

30.06.2011 15:20

In the course of the customs control operations, staff of the Minsk regional customs found 15 cartridges of 9 mm in the car, arrived by container to the citizen of Belarus from the United States. The car was delivered after a temporary storage in the warehouse "Trade House "Zhdanovichy."

Ammunition was in the glove compartment under the front passenger seat, the State Customs Committee of Belarus reported to Telegraf.

Neither the carrier nor the vehicle buyer provided the Customs authorities with any information about the ammunition transportation.

«in this regard, members of the Anti-contraband and administrative customs violations of Minsk regional customs have launched urgent verification activities, the results of which will decide on a criminal case under article «smuggling» of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus,» told in the SCC.

Handbag with «Ammunition»

Another incident occurred on June 13, 2011 at a border checkpoint «Upper Terebezhov» of Pinsk customs. Customs control found 70 pieces of hunting ammunition of 16 caliber in a passenger car Mercedes-Benz, belonging to a Belarusian driving from Ukraine to Belarus. The cartridges were in a woman’s handbag traveling in the car as a passenger, told the SCC.

The woman explained that she’d purchased ammunition in Ukraine. The purchase and importation of hunting ammunition to Belarus was explained by lower prices in neighboring states.
The owner of the bag with «ammunition» also said that she did not know that this category of goods was subject to obligatory declaration and was limited to movement across the border.

The discovered ammunition was seized.

Criminal proceedings under Part 2 of Article 228 «Smuggling» of the Criminal Code of Belarus may follow.