29 Riot Policemen Acted as Aggrieved Party in Case of Likhovid

22.03.2011 12:42
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Trial on the case of December 19 started at the court of the Partisanski district in Minsk at 10:00 a.m. on March 22. An activist of the Movement "For Freedom," 20-year-old Nikita Likhovid is on the prisoner's dock. The young man has been charged with involvement in the riots at Independence Square in Minsk on December 19. 29 riot policemen acted as aggrieved party un the case.

Judge Natalia Pykina leads the trial. The defendant’s lawyer is Daria Lipkina. 29 police officers are the victims in the case, which has been appealed by the lawyer of the accused, reports the Belarusian service of Radio «Liberty.»

Many of the present policemen acted as aggrieved party in the previous judicial process on the case of December 19. According to Daria Lipkin, there was no sufficient evidence to bring all these police officers as victims, but the judge rejected a lawyer’s request.

The indictment reads that Nikita Likhovid had broken wooden fencing panels on Independence Square, as well as the doors of Government House. The defendant pleaded guilty only partially, confessing of having really struck wooden boards.

Meanwhile, the lawyer of the defendant requested to dismiss the criminal case, since, according to the defense, the fact of riots on Independence Square on December 19 had not been proven as a whole.

Lihovid was Detained prior to Events at Government House, Lawyer

Moreover, lawyer drew the attention of the judges to the fact that, according to the protocol of administrative detention, Nikita Likhovid had been arrested at 22:30 long before the developments at Government House.

Lawyer also asked the judge to change the defendant’s measure of restraint and release him from custody. According to Daria Lipkina, there is no reason to believe that the young man will be hiding, in addition, the young man has sore eyes. The prosecutor agreed, having considered these arguments. Nevertheless, the judge dismissed the lawyer’s petition.

During interrogation, Nikita Likhovid explained that he had learnt about the rally on December 19 from the media. According to him, he had come there because of a girl, whose name he refuses to name to let her avoid additional problems.

As Telegraf previously reported, Minsk court has already issued seven sentences on the case of December 19. Four defendants in criminal cases have been sentenced to prison on different terms, two — have been fined, one has been sentenced to imprisonment in the open type institution.