21.04.2011 10:52

There were 120 injured in an explosion at "Kastrychnitskaya" subway station in Minsk on in-patient treatment in Minsk clinics at 17:00 on April 20. According to the Ministry of Health of Belarus, April 20, nine more victims were released from hospital. 12 people in serious condition, 22 - in moderate, 86 - in mild were among the remained in hospitals.

Charitable accounts, opened by the Minsk City Executive Committee for the injured in the explosion, keep on receiving funds. The amount of donations has increased by Br263.7 million for the day and exceeded Br3.1 billion at 17:00 on April 20. In addition, the victims have also got RUB243.5 thousand and $8.23 thousand, BelTA informs.

As Telegraf previously reported, funds to help victims of the terrorist attack on April 11 can be remitted to the Minsk City Executive Committee public charity account.

Belinvestbank branch №539, code 739, opened an account №3642740104064 for donations in  the Russian ruble (the currency code 643) in addition to the previously opened account №3642740104035 for donations in the Belarusian rubles (the currency code 974), № 3642740104048 for donations in U.S. dollars (the currency code 840), № 3642740104051 for donations in euros (the currency code 978).

Telephone of Belinvestbank reference service: 146.

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