18.04.2011 15:16

There came another new suspect in the case of the riots on December 19, 2010 - Vitali Stozharau. A young man left the country right after the presidential election.

Previously he had repeatedly been sent summons to appear for questioning as a witness, and February 7, his grandmother’s apartment was searched, resulting in the CDs and literature being seized, human rights center «Viasna

March 30, grandmother of Vitali Stozharov was given summons, signed by the senior investigator of the KGB in Minsk and Minsk voblast A. Doroshevich. Stozharov was called for questioning as a suspect in a criminal «case on December 19.»

Vitali Stozharov has been actively monitoring the electoral process in Belarus for several years, as well as has headed the Minsk city organization «Young Democrats» for some time.

In turn, according to the Ministry of Interior, as of April 5, preliminary criminal investigation of the riots is completed. Ten persons, involved in the case, have been accused under Part 1 Article 342 of the Criminal Code (organization and training activities that breach public order or active participation in them). Preventive measure remains the same (four — in custody, two — under house arrest, four — under travel restrictions).

According to the lawyers, as of April 7, 30 people are in the status of the accused, 22 of them are in detention pending trial, eight — under travel restrictions, two of whom are outside the country. 12 men are in the status of suspects, two of them are outside the country, the vast majority — under travel restrictions. The five defendants in criminal cases have been sentenced to prison, two — to fines and one — to restricted freedom without direction in the open-type establishment.

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