As a New President, I Abolish Fear in Belarusian Society, Niakliaeu

23.11.2010 14:47

The presidential candidate Vladimir Niakliaeu stated on the Belarusian radio on November 23 that he intends to eradicate the fear prevailing in Belarus. "I'm the new president, Vladimir Niakliaeu, will abolish this fear. Everyone is free to speak out his points of view, and act in accordance with these believes," the leader of the campaign "Tell the truth!" said.

According to the candidate, if elected president, he guarantees implementation of human rights, which will be «strictly protected by law.» The politician plans to change the political system of Belarus, the essence of which is a clear division of powers, thus,  making it impossible «even theoretically to return to a dictatorship in the future — never and nobody.»

Vote for Niakliaeu — Vote for Development, Niakliaeu

«We’ve got everything, subjected to politics, or rather to the ideas, coming up to the Belarusian President’s mind. And he came up with stability, which is,in fact, stagnation,» Vladimir Niakliaeu said. Candidate predicts that next year will see the collapse of economy,  then politics, ideology, and, finally, the state itself. If you do not want it to happen, vote for Niakliaeu, which means — for development. «

The leader of the campaign «Tell the truth!» criticized the current President of Belarus for the abolition of benefits for pensioners, students, victims of Chernobyl accident. According to the candidate, the actions of Alexander Lukashenko state clearly that «he loves neither the retired nor the students, but only himself, the president,» «Belarusian News» convey.

The presidential candidate stressed that one «should not be afraid of change» and that the incumbent president can not transform his mind, which «remains the Soviet-like» and therefore he «should be changed (Alexander Lukashenko — Telegraf), he became an obstacle on our way.» At the same time Vladimir Niakliaeu believes that one should preserve the best of what has been done during the presidency of Alexander Lukashenko.

Touching upon foreign policy issues, Niakliaeu notes that he is against of the turnabout from Russia.

I’ve been Long Engaged Neither in Songs, nor Poetry, but in Politics, Niakliaeu

«I am that very Vladimir Niakliaeu, and there is no other Vladimir Niakliaeu in Belarus. But I’ve been long engaged neither in songs, nor poetry, but in politics, because poetry can only brighten our lives, but not change. And I want it to change, to improve, and I know how. And if someone says that the poet Vladimir Niakliaeu  is little aware of the policy and can not be president, do not believe, because I’ve already proved to be a politician,» the candidate for the presidency explained.

Vladimir Niakliaeu reminded the audience that he is the head of the civil campaign «Tell the truth!» and assured that, since its rating is much higher than any other Lukashenko opponent’s,» he has «the greatest chance to win.»

Law on Small and Medium Business to Come up First, Niakliaeu

«The first law for the parliament to develop and for the president to sign will be the law on small and medium businesses. It has been the engine of the economy in all countries, emerging from the Soviet system, and has led to success,» Vladimir Niakliaeu said.

The leader of the campaign «Tell the truth!» promised, if elected,  to pay special attention to the health system development, as well as to return, at least, in part, the public deposits, made during the Soviet period and to provide mothers at a child birth with $25 thousand.

«That does not mean that this money will be given all at once for a happy father to take and waste on spirits. They will be given in parts, according to the needs of a child,» the candidate said.