Authorities Promise to Raise Internet Access Speed Ten Times

18.06.2010 09:51

The chief of the Intelligence and Analysis Center (IAC) Valery Vakulchik stated that the negotiations with the world leading companies are held on now to introduce in Belarus new and perspective technologies which will help to make the Internet in the country as much as possible fast and extremely cheap.

«Internet access speed in Belarus will increase 10 times in near future «, Valery Vakulchik said, BelTA informs.

Also it is known that on June, 16th the Ministry of Communications and Information lowered the cost of national hosting. And the next three weeks it is planned to solve a question on depreciation of services of Internet access to the providers.

Valery Vakulchik noticed that the decree № 60 «Of improvement of usage of national Internet segment» allows IAC to make decisions which would stimulate Internet development in our country. However, according to IAC chief, any decision needs the weighed approach and participation of all the interested parties.