Authorities Promise to Reduce Tax Burden on Citizens

08.07.2010 15:51
Архив Редакция

Belarusian authorities promise to reduce tax burden on citizens next year. It was reported on July 8 by deputy head of main department of individuals' taxation of Ministry of Taxes and Duties, Mikhail Rassolko. "Next year, there continues reduction of tax burden by increasing standard deductions, applied when calculating income tax," the representative of MND said.

According to Mikhail Rassolko, standard tax deduction will increase from 270 thousand rubles this year to 292 thousand next year. «And it will be used if the wage does not exceed 1.76 million rubles. Today, the limit in salary is 1.63 million rubles», BelTA quotes deputy head of department.

MTD official also reported about the planned increase in the number of certain kinds of business activity, a person can be engaged in without registering. According to Mikhail Rassolko, employers will pay only single tax and will be able to do their business freely.

«It will facilitate their work on the one hand, on the other — will make their business legal and raise additional revenues to the budget. These activities include music service at weddings, toastmaster services, repair of knitted and fur garment and some other services», Michael Rassolko underlined.

Some taxes to be cancelled in Belarus since the beginning of next year

In his turn, First Deputy Minister of Taxes and Duties, Sergei Nalivaiko, reported that from January 1, 2011 in Belarus there would be cancelled some taxes. «It’s planned to cancel local tax on the development of territory», first deputy minister said. «It is 3% now. From ecological tax there will be excluded certain types of payments, canceled advance payments of the VAT. There expected abolition of other types of payments».

Sergei Nalivaiko also noted that tax authorities have a task to simplify tax system, reduce tax burden, unify payments, having similar tax bases, optimize the size of tax rates and specify conditions for taxes calculation.

«All this will favour the country’s rating, determined by the World Bank in its annual report on business conduct», the representative of Ministry of Taxes and Duties stated.