Average Salary Fell by $200 since Early Year, Belstat

23.06.2011 16:16

Belarus average salary decreased by $200 or 37.7% since the beginning of this year. This was stated by the National Statistics Committee of Belarus. In May, average monthly wage amounted to Br1.64 million ($330 at the official rate of National Bank on June 1) against Br1.59 million ($530 at the exchange rate on January 1) in December 2010.

As Telegraf previously reported, the average salary reached $500 in equivalent at the end of last year, as the Belarusian authorities promised. However, wages slipped down from the president promised $500 in equivalent after the devaluation and the rise of the dollar against the local currency.

Wages should come close to $1 thousand dollars in equivalent in Belarus in 2015. This was stated by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at IV All-Belarus People’s Assembly. «This is the highest growth rate of wages and incomes in our history,» said Alexander Lukashenko.