Banks don't Want to Work with Rubles in Loan Repayment

06.06.2011 10:41

Most of the Belarusian banks offer their customers the opportunity to repay foreign currency credit in Belarusian rubles. At the same time, the customers of Belrosbank and MTBank can now pay for foreign currency credit only in dollars, euros or Russian rubles.

In other banks over the last two weeks the situation has not changed. As before, it’s allowed to pay in Belarusian rubles at exchange rate of the exchanger only for current debt and it’s allowed to redeem currency credit only foreign money, writes
However, there are still the banks that accept the national currency in early repayment of the loan. The clients of Priorbank, Bank Moscow-Minsk and Bank VTB has this right. In Priorbank in this case, the dollar is equal to 6,5 thousand rubles, VTB Bank — 6 thousand per dollar and the bank Moscow-Minsk considers the rate of the exchanger on the day of payment.