Belarus — Threat to EU and NATO, Globsec 2011

04.03.2011 11:16
Архив Редакция

The Slovakian capital Bratislava hosted a meeting of an international security conference Globsec 2011 on Thursday, March 3, during which participants discussed the situation in Belarus. Thus, the representative of the nonprofit organization Pact in Belarus and Ukraine, Yarabik Balash, considered Belarus a challenge to the security of the EU and NATO. 

However, he said that the democracy-building was a long-term process, the press service of Globsec 2011 conference.

Senior employee at the Polish Institute of International Relations Eugeniush Smolar said that the EU and the U.S. should formulate a clear vision of what should be taken against Belarus. Belarus was represented by Alexander Milinkevich, leader of the Movement «For Freedom.»

As Telegraf previously reported, the Foreign Minister of Slovakia Mikulas Dzurinda, taken part in a demonstration of solidarity with the detained Belarusian opposition in Bratislava on March 2, said that Belarus had become a major problem in Europe. «This is kind of ironic. Dictators go away even in the Middle East, but the last dictator stays here,» said the politician.