Belarus and Russia may Create Single Criminal Code

25.03.2011 11:06
Архив Редакция

The parliamentarians of the Union State of Belarus and Russia have proposed to create a single for the two countries Penal Code. This was stated at a joint meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly on security, defense and combating crime and specialized committees of parliaments of Belarus and the Russian Federation on March 24.

In particular, a proposal was supported by Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly on security, defense and crime Aleksey Rozuvan, who is also a member of the Russian State Duma Committee on Security. He noted that Belarus and Russia applied different penalties for the same crime, which, according to the MP, was unacceptable. In addition, the same actions are considered as a crime in one country, while the they are not viewed as crimes in the other one, BelTA informs.

Russian MP said that a single Criminal Code of Moscow and Minsk can be a good start for creating other common laws in the sphere of justice.

In turn, the deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus Nikolai Samaseika has said that the model laws, accepted by the parliamentarians, are often not reflected in the national legislations of Belarus and Russia. However, they must be implemented into the legislation of both countries.

Aleksey Rozuvan said, in his turn, that one needs to continue working on the Constitutional Act of the Union State, as well as to determine the status and powers of the Federal Parliament. Then the body will able to pass laws, mandatory in Belarus and Russia.