12.04.2011 14:11

Belarusian authorities have declared a national day of mourning in the country on April 13 in connection with the terror attack in Minsk subway, occurred on April 11. All entertainment events are canceled across the country by the end of the week. "April 13 has been announced a day of mourning for those, killed in the explosion in the subway. No entertainment activities should be held in the city by the end of the week," told in the Minsk City Hall.

In addition, according to the Minsk City Executive Committee, all colored flags, placed in connection with the 60-year anniversary of some districts, will be removed in Minsk. State flags at half-mast in mourning ribbons will be placed at most of Minsk buildings on April 12, BelTA informs.

Wednesday, April 13, the leadership of Minsk City Executive Committee and Minsk City Council will visit the site of tragedy and appeal to the residents of the capital.

As Telegraf previously reported, the attack a «Kastrychnitskaya» station in Minsk subway occurred in the evening on April 11. As a result of the bomb, packed with metal balls and nails, with a capacity of about three kilograms of TNT, 12 people were killed, more than 200 passengers of the subway received injuries of varying severity.

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