Belarus Approved State Program of High-Tech Development

08.11.2010 15:52

Council of Ministers of Belarus approved the state development program of the production of new and high technologies for 2011 - 2015 years. The new program will enhance the competitiveness of Belarusian high-tech industries and innovative activity of enterprises, officials report.

As noted in the government, the program plays the role of one of the key instruments to stimulate innovation, particularly at the stage of the high-tech introduction and the creation of new industries, based on them, BelaPAN.

Belarus is planned to develop advanced industrial technologies and new kinds of competitive high-tech products, carry out technological upgrading of industry through innovation. The system of performance-oriented innovation is scheduled to improve. It helps to bring the results of scientific and technological projects from development stage to the adaptation one, thus implementing the production and display of projects on the market.

The National Academy of Sciences is the customer and coordinator of the new program.