Belarus can't Stay in Frozen Condition, Holzapfel

02.07.2010 14:38
Архив Редакция

The head of the European Union mission in Belarus Jean-Eric Holzapfel called the Belarus authorities to carry out free elections. "The best guarantee of stability is democracy. There should be certain dynamism between stability and changes, since stability in this case isn't a value. The country can't be in the frozen condition, changes should also be", the European diplomat stated.

According to the head of the EU mission in Belarus, the elections are very important element of stability for the European Union in the international format. Independent justice is also the important element of stability, Jean-Eric Holzapfel added, BelaPAN informs.

«The prospect of mutual relations of Belarus and EU depends in many ways on our discussion, and on the steps which Belarus does. We have something like window of possibilities since October, 2008. Now we need to improve our relations, and we hope that progress will allow to reach the situations when Belarus is a full participant of Eastern Partnership, the diplomat said.

Jean-Eric Holzapfel emphasized that the main purpose of the EU mission in Belarus is to see Belarus a full member of the European Neighbourhood Policy and Eastern Partnership.
«As the diplomat I can’t intervene in internal policy. The only thing we can do is to call upon the common values. And we have these common values, for example within the limits of OSCE or Eastern Partnership, Jean-Eric Holzapfel said.

According to the diplomat, it means that EU «shares values of human rights, democracy and supremacy of law». «And we also discuss all these values in relations between EU and Belarus, we discuss the importance of free elections, importance of independent mass-media, civil freedom. Therefore we also speak with Belarus in this context», the head of the European Union mission in Belarus said.