Belarus Complains of Blockages on the Road to Free Trade with EU

04.11.2010 13:45

Belarus urges to clear obstructions on the path to freer trade with the EU. This was stated by the Director of the Department for Foreign Economic Affairs Minister Valeri Sadokho at XIII Minsk Forum on November 4. "One could remove some obstructions in the way of freer Belarusian goods' pass to the EU," he said.

According to him, «there are many problematic issues, relating to anti-dumping barriers to access of Belarusian products to the EU market. In particular, an antidumping investigation has been underway for the past 18 years and the appropriate protective duties have been imposed on imports of potassium chloridev, BelTA.

«It used to be when a very large number of companies were engaged in foreign trade operations of potassium chloride. Today, everything has been brought in order, exports monostructure has been established. Nevertheless, everything has remained the same,» Valeri Sadokho said.

Foreign Ministry spokesman also said that there were autonomous quotas on textiles, protective duties on urea-ammonia mixture. However, he said, there were positive aspects as well. So, talks with the Ministry of Agriculture and Foodstuffs of Belarus have been recently held, during which was decided to assist the Belarusian enterprises for certification. As a result, Belarus is able to supply some products to the European market.

According to Valeri Sadokho, the last crisis has forced the Belarusian companies to take another look at the issues of foreign trade. In particular, Belarus reached an agreement with Switzerland on the joint assembly of trolleybuses and there are Belarusian assembly plants in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and other countries as well.

«All political issues are sure to be important, but the citizens of Belarus are concerned about their quality of life, welfare and social protection. In this respect Belarus is a leader among the CIS countries,» Foreign Ministry spokesman said.