Belarus Detained Couriers With Money for Opposition, KGB

24.11.2010 13:48

Chairman of the State Security Committee of Belarus Vadim Zaitsev reported on November 24 that law enforcement agencies had detained a few couriers in the country, attempted to deliver the money to the opposition from abroad. The KGB head promised to disclose details of the case on completion of the investigation.

Commenting on the overall situation in Belarus in the run-up to the election, Vadim Zaitsev said that there’re no «real external threats» that in terms of attempts of outside interference in the internal affairs of Belarus. KGB chairman assesses the situation in the country as «favorable and peaceful,» BelTA informs.

At the same time, Interior Minister Anatoli Kuleshov said on November 24 that the law enforcement keeps on fixing violations during the campaign. Misconduct of the candidates, as well as their agents, propagandizing in different regions of the country, is being fixed and transmitted to the Central Election Commission.

Interior Minister also said that some candidates are also planning to organize a mass unsanctioned meeting on Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk. According to him, the law enforcement officers will closely follow the action and make every effort not to react to provocation.

«Unfortunately, these gatherings are an advantage for the people, well known to the Interior Ministry, who are constantly trying to make the officers respond to their actions in a hard manner. Provocateurs consider themselves advocates of human rights, but forget that the citizens have more responsibilities. If these people go far beyond the law limits, police will be forced to apply all the measures, provided by various legal acts,» Anatoli Kuleshov said.