Belarus GCR Decreased by $ 200 Million in May, Belstat

07.06.2011 13:55

Belarus's international reserve assets, calculated according to the IMF standards, totaled $3.59 billion on June 1, 2011, down by $200.4 million (or 5.3%) in May. Since early year, the volume of gold and currency reserves (GCR) in Belarus has declined by $1.43 billion (28.6%), which is proved by the National Statistics Committee of Belarus.

According to the National Statistics Committee, reserve assets in foreign currency amounted to $1.32 billion in GCR structure, $586.7 million (30.8%) less than at the beginning of the year. In May, they declined by $119.7 million (or 8.3%), AFN.

Monetary gold declined by $48.9 million (3.1%) in January-May, and totaled $1.55 billion on June 1. However, gold asserts have not practically changed on May.

Other assets amounted to $130.1 million, which is 7.3 times less than in the beginning of the year. In May other assets decreased by $77.3 million (or 37.3%).

SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) amounted to $591.1 million against $567.7 million on January 1, 2011.

As Telegraf previously reported, bidding on the OTC segment of fx currency market is growing in Belarus, as reported by the National Bank on June 6. Transactions growth is directly connected with the increase fx earnings coming into the country, said the National Bank. According to preliminary data, the amount of fx revenue in the country grew by 61% — from $7.94 to $12.79 billion in equivalent during January — April compared to the same period of 2010. As a result, in April, the first time in a long time, the amount of fx earnings, received by the country, exceeded the amount of payments for imported goods and services for the first time.