07.04.2011 14:47

Belarus will receive huge money from privatization in case of sale of strategically important enterprises, but this decision will be taken by the head of state. This was stated by Director of State Property Fund of the State Committee on Property (SCP) Natalia Zhernosek on April 7. "The sale of government stake in MTS, Beltransgaz, as well as shares of the join company, being now created on the basis of Grodno Azot and Grodno Khimvolokno, is quite possible," she said.

Natalia Zhernosek stressed a possible sale «of the state’s share» in Beltransgaz. According to the representative of the State Property Committee, experts from the World Bank re-selected three companies for sale within the pilot privatization project — Belsantehmontazh, Brest Electromechanical Plant and Barhim, BelaPAN.
«The World Bank agreed on a list of three companies for the pilot privatization, but the final choice they will make later on, after analyzing information on companies, proposed by the Belarusian side for the pilot privatization,» said Natalia Zhernosek.
«The Belarusian side has provided the experts of the World Bank with a list of 13 companies, she said. — Last week, the experts visited some of these companies and got acquainted with management. Now the experts have taken time out to report to management on results and to finally choose the company to be privatized.»

Privatization — One of Areas of Investment Attraction, Zhernosek

Director of the Fund has also announced that privatization transactions are one of the areas of attracting investments in the country. In addition, she says, the union of Grodno Khimvolokno and Grodno Azot will increase profitability of the company, as well as investors’ interest in it.
«The merger leads to the company’s capitalization, which improves its profitability and increases its attractiveness,» said Natalia Zhernosek. Currently, the process of unification of Grodno Khimvolokno and Grodno Azot is at the final stage. «We’ve just agreed on reorganization of the two companies,» said the director of the fund, adding that «it’s too early to talk about the results of such an merger.»

First Auction to Be Held in June

The first auctions for the sale of shares from the privatization plan for 2011-2013 will be held in June 2011; if they are not effective, they will be carried out again, said Natalia Zhernosek. According to her, the companies will be sold both at a book and a market value. 180 enterprises have been proposed for sale in 2011. The privatization plan for 2011-2013 included 244 companies.

The main financial documents — balance sheet as of January 1, 2011 — are being currently prepared. «We are waiting for the approved balance sheet till April 15; this is the basis for work on the definition of book value and market value of companies,» said Nataliya Zhernosek.

15 companies out of 135 planned for three years will be transformed into joint stock companies in 2011.

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