Belarus Has Lost Half a Billion Dollars on Transit because of the Crisis

15.07.2010 11:02
Архив Редакция

In 2009, the volume of transit declined in Belarus. The revenue from this activity decreased by about half a billion dollars and amounted to two billion dollars. According to the head of the department of strategic development, coordination and investment of transport systems of Ministry of Transport and Communications, Pavel Bozhanov, the reduction of incomes is associated with economic crisis effects.

In 2009, on gas transit, Belarus lost 83 dollars million compared to 2008, the railroad lost 72 million dollars, air carriers — eight million dollars. They were able to earn only in increase of oil transit.

Nevertheless, according to Pavel Bozhenov, in Belarus there are many hopes for the growth of transit and profits from it, respectively. In Transport Ministry they are planning to develop programs to modernize roads and develop competitive transport and logistics schemes, European Radio for Belarus informs.

Foreign investors will participate in the development of Belarus’ transport system

It is planned that the implementation of these programs will also involve foreign investors. According to officials from Ministry of Transport, there are joint investment projects (for example, with China), and currently there being held negotiations regarding the conditions of their implementation.

«The Chinese side insists on that more than a half of works were carried out by their specialists. We take into consideration that now our road building organizations do not have enough work and we insist on that China has participated only by 15%. There is no reached agreement so far, we are negotiating», Pavel Bozhanov said.

Foreign investors are actively engaged in creating transport and logistics centers. For example, Prilesie center in Minsk district is invested by Iranian investor, Belgium investor plans to build its center close to Minsk national airport, and investor from Hong Kong wants to build logistics center in Orsha, at the base of aircraft repair plant.

The last project is very ambitious. Investors plan to build a terminal complex, which area is about one million square meters. «The purpose of this project is that aircrafts, flying to China, are not allowed to enter Europe. It is expected that these aircrafts will not fly to Domodedovo, because Domodedovo is overloaded, but some part of cargo traffic will be redistributed to Orsha», Pavel Bozhanov said .

Furthermore, as Telegraf previously reported, Ministry of Transport and Communications prepared a draft strategy for development of transit potential of Belarus in 2011-2015 years. Implementation of this strategy will increase Belarus’ transit revenues by 24% till 2015.