Belarus has No Selfish Interests in Customs Union, Lukashenko

22.07.2010 15:15
Архив Редакция

"Belarus has never had selfish interests, developing the Customs Union of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, and going on integration, including the Union State," Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said on July 22 at his meeting with the executive secretary of the Commission of the Customs Union, Sergei Glazyev.

«The Belarusian side is not to blame for the fact that not everything, to put it mildly, was managed to do in the Union of Belarus and Russia. We have never had the resources to hinder the Union of Belarus and Russia», the head of state said. The Belarusian leader also stressed that Belarus was not going to hinder the processes that had started, however, «strictly respecting the agreements it will require the same from its partners», BelTA informs.

In general, the President noted that the integration of the two States is «too far gone», so «it is possible to build up the border between Belarus and Russia only in a case of denunciation of the previously signed agreements». According to Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus is not going to do so, but it will act «being based also on its own national interests.»

Belarus will not be a bench warmer in the Customs Union, Lukashenko

«When they start to openly demonstrate to us that we are just the bench warmers there, we do not accept such approach and, wherever it is possible, so as not to impede these processes, we struggle with that. If we see that this is absolutely unacceptable for us, we will look for other ways», the Belarusian leader said.

«Generally alliance was created to be an example. But the situation is the opposite for a while. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to move to some other integration entities, Belarus will never interfere with this», Alexander Lukashenko said.

The President also noted that the Customs Union hadn’t brought huge benefit, as well as harm to the Belarusian side. According to Alexander Lukashenko, Work on integration is carried out «standby».

In turn, Sergei Glazyev said that in future we could expect a significant effect of this integration union. So, within five years, GDP growth in the Customs Union would be about 15%, the Commissioner of the CU informed the Belarusian leader. In this situation the companies engaged in productive cooperation would get special benefit, he said. «Of course, the transition was not without rough edges, but in general the process settled down,» Sergei Glazyev said.