Belarus Has Only Two Candidates, CEC

12.11.2010 10:34

There are two candidates at present in Belarus - incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko and his collective opponent. This was stated by Secretary of the Central Elections Commission Nikolai Lozovik. "Virtually all nine opponents of Lukashenko declare their opposition stance. Therefore, they can be regarded as a collective opponent," he said.

«In any case, the electorate will have a wide choice. But the main issue of their choice is likely to be determined by their attitude towards the incumbent president,» Nikolai Lozovik said, BelaPAN.

In this regard, in his opinion, even the registration of ten candidates for the presidency does not particularly affect voters’ choices.

As Telegraf previously reported, on the basis of verification of signatures, collected for the registration as candidates, the struggle can be continued by Vice BPF Rigor Kastuseu, incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko, the leader of the Union «For modernization» Ales Michalevic, the leader of the campaign «Tell the Truth!» Vladimir Niakliaeu, deputy chairman of the United Civil Party Yaroslav Romanchuk, co-chairman of the organizing committee for the creation of the «Belarusian Christian Democracy» Vital Rymasheuski, leader of the campaign «European Belarus» Andrei Sannikov, leader of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (People’s Hramada) Nikolai Statkevich, an economist Victor Tereshchenko, «Trivium» Director Dmitri Uss.