Belarus Increased Sales of Building Materials by 65%

20.06.2011 09:52

Belarus sold non-food goods totaling Br10.8 trillion  (67.3% of the total sales of non-food items) in January-May. Their implementation increased by 35.1% in this period compared with January-May 2010. Outerwear sale grew by 30.7%, knitwear - by 35.3%, footwear - by 46.6%, construction materials - by 65%, detergents - by 50.1%.

The country sold food, beverages and tobacco products totaling Br17 trillion in January — May (18.3% growth against January-May 2010), non-food products — Br16.1 trillion (an increase of 26.6%). Retail turnover of trade grew by 26% to Br24.9 trillion, reported the National Statistics Committee.

Trade organizations have sold food, beverages and tobacco products totaling Br14.1 trillion (19.4%) for the period. Sale of meat and meat products has increased by 17.9%, vegetable oil — 29.9%, pasta — by 29.5%, fruit and vegetable juices — by 27.3%.