Belarus Is Able to Buy Oil in Iran, Regardless of Its Production

16.07.2010 16:14
Архив Редакция

Belarus is able to buy oil in Iran, regardless of their joint project on oil production in this country. It was reported on July 16 by Belarusian Ambassador to Iran, Victor Rybak. According to the diplomat, the purchase of oil in Iran is a separate project, which can be implemented regardless of the project to produce oil at Iranian Jofeir field.

«In near future, Belarusian specialists plan to begin the discussion with the Iranian side on issues of economic efficiency of such supplies», the Ambassador of Belarus noted, BelaPAN informs.

As Telegraf already reported, Belarus will begin oil production in Iran in October of this year. According to the diplomat, the event is scheduled to time to a visit to Iran of Belarusian President, Alexander Lukashenko, who wants to participate in opening ceremony to launch the project.

Geological reserves of Jofeir oil field, which is of 22 kilometers in length and 10 kilometers in width, are estimated at 2.1 billion barrels. It is located 30 kilometers east from Azadegan oil field and 70 km southwest of Ahvaz.