Belarus is Europe's Major Problem, Slovakian Foreign Ministry

03.03.2011 13:41
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Foreign Minister of Slovakia Mikulas Dzurinda, taken part in a demonstration of solidarity with the detained Belarusian opposition in Bratislava on March 2, said that Belarus had become a major problem of Europe. "This is even somehow ironic. Dictators go away even in the Middle East, but the last dictator stays here," said the Slovakian politician.

Picket of solidarity took place in anticipation of an international
forum on global security GlobSec-2011, scheduled for March 3 in the
Slovakian capital. The situation in Belarus will be one of the main
themes of the forum, «Charter 97» press center.

Solidarity picket in Bratislava was attended not only by representatives
of the Belarusian opposition Stanislav Shushkevich, Alexander Kozulin,
Irina Krasovskaya, Sergei Kaliakin, Alexander Milinkevich, but also the
Ambassadors and representatives of nongovernmental organizations in
Europe and the USA.

EU Ready to Impose Economic Sanctions against Belarus, OSCE Ex-head

At the same time, the former head of the OSCE mission in Minsk, the head
of the German human rights organization «Human Rights in Belarus,»
Hans-Georg Wieck said that the European Union didn’t rule out the
possibility of imposing economic sanctions against Belarus. According to
him, «pressure measures, applied by the West to the President of
Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, will «have no impact.» Hans-Georg Wieck
considers sanctions as the most effective tool, as they affect the
Belarusian oil products’ sales in the European market, reports the
Belarusian service of Deutsche Welle.

Hans-Georg Wieck assured that the rigid penalties of protesters on
December 19 in Minsk, which had already been initiated by the Belarusian
court, would entail certain consequences for the country’s authorities.
However, the former head of the OSCE mission in Minsk says that the
Belarusian authorities will not use the prisoners as hostages in
bargaining with the EU, as predicted by some European and Belarusian

«They press on these people as the latter pose a threat to Lukashenko.
And these processes will go on in order to intimidate the population and
to justify authoritarian rule. I do not exclude the fact that this
repression will bring the desired result in the future, political
prisoners will be let at will, thus making «step towards» the EU,» said
the head of the human rights organization.

«I think that the persecution of activists and opposition
representatives, taking place in Belarus, is the result of Lukashenko’s
appraisement of his current position. He feels threatened by the growing
discontent among Belarusians, involving both him and the whole
authoritarian system in the country,» added Hans-Georg Wieck.