08.04.2011 00:05

Belarus is short of certified diamonds and gold bars weighing from 100 grams to a kilogram. It's been triggered by their increased demand due to the falling public confidence in the ruble. "Major denominations have been snapped up first. There's no problem with ten gram gold bars at all," said the head of the National Bank Anatoli Drozdov.

As said in the National Bank, the deficit — is a temporary phenomenon, and bars can soon be freely available again, reports Reuters.

Thursday, April 7, the National Bank set a selling price of a kilo gold bar at $51.605 thousand, while its purchasing price amounted to $50.683 thousand. Central Bank promised not to introduce new rules of the currency market for three or four more weeks, as Russia’s $1 billion loan is now expected to arrive.

The Belarusians purchased 470 kilograms of gold and 184 diamonds from the National Bank in March. 209 kilograms of gold and 263 diamonds were sold in January and February.

As Telegraf previously reported, Belarus’s volume of gold and foreign exchange reserves in the national definition fell by $257.9 million in March and, according to preliminary data, amounted to $5.25 billion on April 1.

Net purchase of foreign currency (cash and noncash) by population amounted to $768.1 million in March. Problems with the acquisition of foreign currency within the country caused the decrease in the number of customers at the Belarusian tourist agencies; the sales of foreign cars were also affected.

National Bank has decided not to sell foreign currency to the foreign banks for its further resale to the population.

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