Belarus is the Most problem Market for Exporters, Russian Ministry of Economic Development

28.07.2010 14:32
Архив Редакция

Belarus, EU, Ukraine and the USA are the most problem markets, in which the Russian exporters are interested, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia informs. An aggressive trade policy is carried out in these countries to protect domestic markets from Russian exports, MED emphasizes.

According to the MED monitoring, the restrictive measures against Russian products are also used in Australia, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Armenia, China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Moldova, Peru, the Philippines, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

The MED specialists recorded in tote 97 restrictive measures against the Russian goods in various countries on July, 1st, 2010. There are 45 anti-dumping measures, seven special protective measures, 45 other non-tariff trade regulations, including administrative regulation.

More than a half of all anti-dumping measures concerns imports of Russian ferrous metals and products of ferrous metals. Second place is occupied by mineral fertilizers, AFN informs.

Currently, two anti-dumping and six special protection investigations are conducted, as well as six previously imposed anti-dumping measures are being revised. As a result of this work for six months 2010 nine measures of preventing of Russian goods access on foreign markets were canceled. According to preliminary estimates of the MED experts, the amount of potential damages for the period amounted to approximately 450 million dollars.