Belarus is Tired to Deliver Venezuelan Oil by Rail

10.06.2010 13:36

Belarus is analyzing alternative options to deliver Venezuelan oil, reported in Belarusian Oil Company on June 10. The experts are studying the possibility of shipping oil from Venezuela to the ports of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia or through Odessa, as it is now, but through Odessa-Brody pipeline, which can operate in obverse mode.

As stressed in the BOC, precisely the last option is considered as priority, though the combined methods of delivery are not ruled out, BelTA informs.

«According to the agreement of the two presidents, the total volume of Venezuelan oil supply to Belarus should amount to about four million over 12 months. In this regard, our task is to optimize the delivery of raw materials to Mozyr Oil Refinery», declared in the Belarusian Oil Company.

As Telegraf previously reported, Belarus expected to receive the second batch of Venezuelan oil in the amount of 80 thousand tons — which was sent by sea on May 31 — in July. After its receipt at Odessa port, Venezuelan oil will be shipped to Mozyr Oil Refinery by rail.

According to Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan petroleum products from crude oil are planned to sell to Ukraine and European countries. Petroleum products from the first batch have already been sold by the BOC subsidiary, BOC-Ukraine.

«The sale’s results of petroleum products from Venezuelan oil allow us to speak about the economic efficiency of its processing and sale of petroleum products», stated in Belarusian Oil Company.