18.04.2011 10:56

Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said that negotiations on terms of financial and credit cooperation between Belarus and Russia could be completed within a month. Alexei Kudrin said that the parties still had some unsolved issues, which "may cause problems," but expressed the hope for their speedy solution.

Head of the Russian Ministry of Finance reported that this issue was discussed at the meeting with Finance Minister of Belarus on April 11. According to Kudrin, the parties discussed a number of issues for further work in the course of negotiations. «Such work is currently under way,» Russian RIA «Novosti» news agency quoted Kudrin.

«We shared the information, answered questions of each other, I have an understanding of what is ready today, and how it is represented by the Belarusian side,» said the head of the Russian Finance Ministry.

Alexei Kudrin also said that after negotiations with Russia, Belarus would have to undergo the procedure of EurAsEC Crisis Fund, which the Belarusian side had already applied for a loan. «The working group of Crisis Fund will also involve Kazakhstan and other Crisis Fund members, who can also make comments on all materials,» said Russian Finance Minister.

As Telegraf previously reported, Belarus asked the Government of Russia and the Eurasian Economic Community Crisis Fund for $3 billion loan. The Russian side set conditions «associated with structural reforms.» In early March, the Belarusian government submitted draft anti-crisis program to Russia’s Finance Ministry, which is necessary to obtain credit. Head of the Russian Finance Ministry Alexei Kudrin said at the Washington forum on the U.S.-Russian relations that Russia was ready to render assistance to Belarus only if Minsk continues its reforms.

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