Belarus Ministry of Justice to Have More Reason to Disbar Lawyers

01.07.2011 15:45

June 30, the House of Representatives adopted draft law on the Bar in Belarus. The document expands the list of grounds to revoke the lawyer's license in Belarus. This was announced by Minister of Justice Viktor Holovanov.

Now lawyers may be deprived of the license for the systematic violation of the terms and conditions of advocacy, transgressions not compatible with the rank of a lawyer (their list is established by the rules of lawyers’  professional ethics), obstruction to the Justice Department to carry out activities to monitor compliance with legislation, BelaPAN.

Illegal budget expenditure of 10 or more base units for payment of legal services, disputable acquisition of the customer’s property, as well as the impossibility of the legal counsel to carry out professional duties because of lack of training, may also cause a deprivation of law license.

In addition, the bill secured a new order to bring lawyers to disciplinary liability. Now the bar or the Minister of Justice may initiate disciplinary proceedings on the basis of the complaint themselves.

The bill also greatly expands kinds of legal assistance: provides counsel with the right to act mediator in a judicial mediation. In addition, lawyers may conduct a legal assessment of documents and activities, as well as legal work for the economic and other activities, the legal work on attracting investments in Belarus.