Belarus Needs No EU "Political" Billions, Makey

04.11.2010 09:25

Head of Presidential Administration of Belarus Vladimir Makey said that Minsk didn't need financial assistance, provided under political conditions. That was the response of the head of the presidential administration to the promise of Foreign Minister of Poland to give Belarus €3 billion in case of free elections.

«We do not need billions for the sake of billions, investments for the sake of investments,» Vladimir Makey said and noted that Belarus needed the money to create job places and new technologies, BelTA informs. «And if they surround themselves with political conditions, we need nothing,» the head of the Presidential Administration said.

As for the elections, he says that a presidential campaign in Belarus is very open, and «we intend to bring the election in such a spirit till the very end.»

Speaking about relations with Russia and a possible new «gas war» at the end of this year, the head of the presidential administration states that Belarus «is generally interested in no wars.» «We always adhere to the agreements and commitments, either in relations with Russia or Europe or other partners,» Vladimir Makey said.