Belarus Not Involved in "Compromising" on Hungarian Ambassador, Belarus FM

01.07.2011 09:10

Head of Information Ministry of Belarus Andrei Savinykh said that Belarus "has no relation" to the video, compromising the spouse of Hungarian Ambassador Ferenc Kontra in Belarus. "Whoever the author and customer of the scandalous video may be, no matter what goals they may pursue and where they may be geographically, we condemn their actions," he said.

«We believe that the practice of intervention into the private lives of public employees is unacceptable and violates the rights of the individual,» said Belarus Foreign Ministry spokesman.
Andrei Savinykh also assured reporters that the Belarusian side «has been providing and will continue to provide all the conditions for the stay of foreign diplomatic representatives in its territory in accordance with the requirements of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.»
«The Vienna Convention requires respect for the laws on the part of the diplomats of the host country. In case of compliance of all these requirements, rights of the diplomats are guaranteed. We believe the allegations are baseless,» he added.

As Telegraf previously reported, video, compromising Inna Contra, the wife of Hungarian Ambassador Ferenc Kontra in Belarus, appeared on the Internet a few days ago. A woman, looking like the diplomat’s spouse, is shown traveling to Italy to meet with her lover. Hungarian media believe that the video was fabricated by Belarusian State Security Committee in retaliation for criticizing the government of Belarus on the part of Hungary.