Belarus Not to Comply with IMF Terms, Expert

14.06.2011 11:53

Chairman of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprise (ASME) Sergei Balykin believes that Belarus is unlikely to implement the recommendations of the International Monetary Fund. "I doubt that there are any changes and moves towards a market economy in the minds of the country's supreme leadership. And, alas, it's no use talking about serious reforms without such changes today," he said.

«In fact, the IMF experts offer quite reasonable and competent methods of economy recovery and its regulation by market mechanisms. In other states, these recommendations worked well, but Belarus, as you know, has its own special way. I doubt that the current leadership of the country will be able to effectively use market mechanisms. Firstly, because it has no working experience in market conditions and, secondly, because there is no desire. The market presupposes freedom, and the slightest freedom provokes fear in our leadership, especially during the period of instability,» said the expert, BelaPAN.

ASME chairman stressed that Belarus can offer the IMF’s program of market reforms, but «such a program has never been fully implemented.»

«It may seem to the representatives of international organizations that the Belarusian authorities adequately represent the situation in the country and even see a way to resolve it. But such an illusion is, of course, influenced by interviews with certain officials. Both the government and the National Bank are the competent specialists, understanding the country’s current challenges. They are very nice to talk, but unfortunately, they are far from real levers of control and cannot make their own decisions,» said Sergei Balykin.

As Telegraf previously reported, Belarus started discussions of a new program with the IMF, the head of the IMF mission in Belarus, Chris Jarvis, announced on June 13. However, the representative of the fund noted that meanwhile it’s too early talking about the possible levels of support, as «we have a long way to go, to further discuss macroeconomic policy in Belarus; it is necessary to agree on structural reforms» in order to ensure the efficiency of enterprises and financial system.