Belarus not to Participate in First Session of Euronest

01.07.2010 14:40
Архив Редакция

Belarus will not participate in the first session of Euronest, which is the parliamentary component of Eastern Partnership. "Session of the Bureau of the Parliament Assembly of Eastern Partnership in which the representatives of all five countries included in the program took part has finished recently. There were the representatives of all the countries but Belarus", Artak Zakaryan, the member of the governing Republican Party of Armenia, the representative of the Armenian delegation in Euronest, said.

The Armenian MP noticed that the main issue of Bureau session was to find the ways and models of Belarus participation in Euronest. «All of us tried to support participation of Minsk on equal terms according to the Prague declaration where it is noticed that Belarus is the full participant of Eastern Partnership «, Artak Zakaryan said, REGNUM-Belarus informs.

«Regardless of recognition or non-recognition by the European structures of parliamentary elections in this country, Minsk should participate in Euronest. All the more the questions of democracy, human rights could be discussed in this format, and it would be rather effective», the representative of Armenia in Euronest considers.

However, according to the Armenian MP, Europe holds its ground and offers the participation format of Belarus according to the formula 5+5, i.e. five representatives of parliament and five of unparliamentary opposition.

At the same time Artak Zakaryan emphasized that such format is unacceptable both for Belarus, and for Armenia. «Logically it is not proved, why so, instead of 6+4 or 10+0. And how reasonable is it, if there were persons who are not the MPs in the Assembly, which consists of the MPs? How can they take responsibility or obligations for the signed documents if they are not elected by the people?», Armenian MP said.