Belarus Petrol Goes up in Price Again

07.06.2011 09:21

Ay night, 7 June, concern Belneftekhim raises retail prices of automotive fuel. Diesel fuel cost is now Br5.100 per liter, A92 gasoline - Br5.100 per liter, A95 - Br5.800 per liter, A80 - Br4.950 per liter. The average price of petroleum products sold at petrol stations has increased by 31%.

Thus, the cost of fuel, in practice, is tied to the dollar rate. Fuel price increase in Belarusian rubles followed the national currency devaluation. Belarus fuel has risen up in prices for the fourth time this year and the second time for the last couple of weeks. Oil retail prices have risen by about 20% since May 24.

Fuel Implementation at Concern’s Gas Station Increased, Belneftekhim

As reported in Belneftekhim, this price increase has been made «to protect domestic market from the unauthorized export of petroleum products, as well as to reduce disparity in prices for automobile fuel in Belarus and the neighboring countries and to ensure efficient operation of refineries.»

«According to the monitoring of petroleum products at concern’s gas stations, motor fuel implementation at the gas stations of concern has increased in 1.5 times during May 2011 compared to the same period last year, including at petrol stations in border areas — in 2.3 times,» reported in Belneftekhim.