20.04.2011 12:08

Prosecutor General of Belarus has reviewed the activities of employees of the Ministry of Taxes and Levies (MTL) for 2010. "While inspecting, the prosecutors have made 17 representations, issued six prescriptions, announced 20 formal warnings and a number of tax officers have been brought to the disciplinary responsibility," noted the prosecutor's office.

Prosecutors have found «certain facts of MTL inspections’ abuse of authority when making orders for the collection of taxes on an uncontested basis, late paying of taxes, fees, fines levied in the form of cash, violations of legislation in the seizure of property.»

In addition, prosecutors have found «instances of premature decision to suspend operations on the accounts of taxpayers at the bank and delayed resumption of operations in the presentation of the documents to the payers, confirming payment of arrears to the budget.»

In the result, Prosecutor General’s Office has made a suggestion to the Minister of Taxes and Levies of ​​removing the «causes and conditions, contributing to the authority abuse of the TML inspections.» In general, the data of the prosecutor’s checking «indicate that the activity of tax authorities to implement the tasks, ensuring the formation of budget revenues in 2010.»

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