22.04.2011 15:01

Head of Nuclear Energy Department of Energy Ministry of Belarus Nikolai Hrusha said on April 22 that the volume of purchases of Russian natural gas should be reduced to five billion cubic meters a year after the commissioning of both NPP units in 2018. Thus, Belarus will reduce the volume of imports of Russian gas by almost a quarter after the launch of NPP.

Belarus consumes about 21-22 billion cubic meters of natural gas supplied from Russia today. NPP capacity will be about 2.4 thousand megawatts. The first NPP unit will be launched in 2017, the second — in 2018, BelTA informs.

Nikolai Hrusha has stressed that the state policy of Belarus is aimed at involvement local and alternative fuels into the country’s fuel balance. Thus, the energy security of Belarus is planned to increase due to energy conservation, development and modernization of energy facilities and introduction of high modern technology. But all of this, according to the department head, will not be able to fully meet the needs of Belarus in the fuel.

«Therefore, the construction of nuclear power plant is the project that will help really to resolve the issue a significant increase in energy security,» emphasized Nikolai Hrusha.

As Telegraf previously reported, the Belarusian authorities have decided to urgently build their own nuclear power plant, despite the fact that neighboring countries, as well as management of the EU, calls on Belarus to postpone the construction, conduct the necessary public debate and consultations with international experts. In particular, leadership of Lithuania has repeatedly showed dissatisfaction over the construction of nuclear power plants in Astravets. Nevertheless, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced during his last address to the nation and the government on April 21 that Belarus would build a «vital nuclear power, whatever the cost.»

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