20.04.2011 11:27

Monday, April 18, editor in chief of "Babruisk Kurier" Anatoli Sanotenko received a registered letter with a notice from the prosecutor's office of Leninski district of Babruisk. Deputy Head of Office Anatoli Kabernik sent "an official warning to a journalist about the inadmissibility of violation of legislation, regulating relations in the sphere of administrative procedures."

The reason for the warning was a blog entry of Anatoli Sanotenko on the site of the «Belarusian partisans.» The journalist wrote there that the authorities were to blame for the explosion, happened in Minsk subway on April 11.

«This is certainly a precedent. To prevent possible claims, I gave a link to the official site of Alexander Lukashenko with his speech, made at an emergency meeting in connection with the blast in «Kastrychnitskaya» subway station. It states: «No arguments left. We are the only to blame in this event… It’s our fault.» Then, I placed a short comment, possible under Article 1933 of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, as well as Article 5 «Freedom of opinion, belief and expression» of the law of the Republic of Belarus «On Mass Media,» «Babruisk Kurier» quotes Anatoli Sanotenko.

The editor intends to appeal the received warning. «The Belarusian legislation contains no such terms as «like — dislike.» But there is criminal liability for «impeding the lawful professional activities of journalists» (Article 198 of the Criminal Code),» he said.

Prior to that, Anatoli Kobernik had already tried to issue a warning to the editor of «Babruisk Kurier.» So, in the evening on April 14 the deputy prosecutor called the journalist and insisted on his arrival. He did not specify the reasons, but promised to bring the subpoena. Then Anatoli Kabernik called on editor Anatoli Sanotenko and asked to sign a document, called a «formal warning.» No subpoena, in the words of the journalist, was presented by deputy prosecutor. Anatoli Sanotenko refused to sign a document, explaining that he would not sign anything in an informal setting.

As Telegraf previously reported, newspaper «Nasha Niva» and chief editor of «Salidarnasts» received the warning for publications associated with Minsk explosion.

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