Belarus Redoubles Safety Measures after Moscow Terrorist Attack

25.01.2011 10:22
Архив Редакция

Ministry of Interior decided to reinforce security on rail and air transport in connection with the attack at Moscow airport "Domodedovo," claimed the lives of 35 people. This was announced by press-secretary of Department of Internal Affairs on transport Alexander Marchenko on January 24.

«The inspection of baggage at the railway and air transport will be redoubled, attention to passengers at railway stations and bus stops will also be increased. There may be extra details of police to accompany the trains and planes,» BelTA quoted representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Meanwhile, the Belarusian embassy in Moscow is trying to find out if there are Belarusian citizens among the number of killed and injured in the attack.

According to the spokesman of the diplomatic mission Vitali Slivka, Belarusian diplomats are in constant contact with Russian law enforcement bodies and MES representatives.

As Telegraf previously reported, an explosion at Moscow airport «Domodedovo» occurred about 15:40 Belarusian time on January 24. According to official figures, 35 people were killed in a suicide attack, while about 130 people were injured. At the same time, eyewitnesses claim that the death toll may reach up to 70 people.