18.04.2011 14:00

According to the National Statistics Committee of Belarus, retail trade turnover of Belarus grew by 21.4% to $17.5 trillion in January - March 2011 against the same period in 2010. Food, beverages and tobacco products have been sold at Br9.9 trillion for the period (18.4% more than in the first quarter of 2010), non-food goods - Br8.3 trillion (24.7% more).

Trade organizations of Belarus have sold food, beverages and tobacco products at Br7.5 trillion for the period, or by 18.9% more than the same period of 2010. Non-food items were sold at Br5.6 trillion (33.2% more).

The share of sales of domestically produced goods in retail trade amounted to 73.6% in the first quarter of 2011(83.6% of food products, beverages and tobacco, 58.9% — non-food items).

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